About ChineseTV.US

In the US major cities, people  may be able to watch Chinese TV programs from some Chinese Channels.

For example, in San Francisco Bay Area, we have Channel 26 (KTSF), Channel 32 (World Channel), etc. In L.A. , you may find LA18 full Chinese programs.

You may also install TV satellite dishes to get CCTV, Phoenix TV, Asian TV,  HK TV and Taiwan TV programs.

Now, with the Internet TV, you have much more choices. You may watch live TV stream from DingDing.TV and dozens of TV stations from Mainland China.

With this web site ChineseTV.US, you don’t have to search for all this. We get all organized so you can easily choose the one that you like or just fits your needs to learn Chinese or keep up your own Chinese culture background or keep yourselves posted with what happen in China for your business.

We are looking for some business partners so we can develop some new great contents for our visitors and communities in the US. Your support (time, donation, feedback) is very important for us.

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