Chinese Radio Invited Kids To Speak Out on FM92.3


歡迎大家這個星期天早上10點收聽92.3 FM, 或有空可以上www.bayecho.com發表您對教育兒女的意見!

Best Chinese Radio in Bay Area

Radio was invented near the end of 19th century and early 20th century. In this 21st century, radio still seems to have a strong life for its convenience and low costs.

I know the Singtao Chinese Radio has long been considered the best Chinese radio in San Francisco Bay Area. We may have a better radio station ( both broadcasting and online live) for its wide coverage areas and long hours (24×7!).

Here’s a clip of what you could listen on Sunday morning at 10am.

Tily主持“面对面” – 硅谷回音妈妈走进

Four mothers with high school kids talking about education for their kids


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