Online TV and Videos are great way to learn anything because you can not only hear but also see what you need to learn.

New Web technology has enabled us to share videos online easily so we can use it for all kinds of learners.
We will share all kinds of online tutorials through video and sound here.

  1. Learn A Chinese language: Mandarin, Cantonese and even Shanghainese
  2. Learn Martial Arts:  Taichi, Wingchun
  3. Learn Web Technology: HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Flash, PHP, WordPress, Photoshop (or Photoimpact or some open source graphic tools for the web)
  4. Learn To Cook: Chinese Food    Cantonese food, Hunan food, all the famous food in China
  5. Learn To Travel: Yes! Share the videos of the famous places in world and learn about the great places and the tips for all travelers