Martial Arts

We usually prefer using “Wushu” for martial arts in China as we believe “Wu” is more than just martial. Yes, “shu” means arts or techniques.  We also “Wushu” includes more contents and meaning.

However, Wiki defines “The sport of wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts“. That is why we use martial arts here to include Chinese martial arts/Kungfu.

Let’s start with Taichi and Wing Chun …

1. Wing Chun Video:

Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun:
The Dragon Set Movement No. Four:
“Little Dragon Seeking Its Path” 金龍段第四式小龍問路
“Big Dragon whipping its tail”大龍擺尾
Bong sau, pak sau, punch, bong sau
lap sau, fak sau 5 punches and double push palm
the pak da drill
lower gan sau, pak sau, back fist
bong sau, lap sau